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   Team building is the theme in this training. Participants can learn cooperation, communication and rational work division via team activities to help new comers enter team quickly and boost their understanding about corporate culture and strengthen their sense of belonging.


  Team-building training to the theme of "shopping centers on the challenge" for the activities of the main line. Through team activities, to develop mutual cooperation of trained staff, sufficient communication and reasonable division of labor, such as ability to eventually achieve the purpose of enhancing team cohesion.


  Through self-understanding, challenge the limits of the expansion of training activities, the strength of self-understanding, cooperation, strength and success of the essence, to strengthen the organization cohesion, foster trust and cooperation, mutual support and the overall sense of team spirit. At training, sharing of insights to help trainees understand the LO (Leadership & Organization Leadership and Organization) connotation, to establish new leadership concepts and methods of leadership and further enhance its strategic analysis, strain determination, a breakthrough innovation leadership.


   The training to team-building activities in the main line for the Games. Through the students to experience the various activities and games Learn to master the rules of the Games of the Ways and activity guiding skills. Learn through activities to expand the training function, meaning, to help them better carry out the activities of school students, improve student division of labor, communication, ability to overcome difficulties. Through long-term expansion of the students to practice thinking and mental


   1.Military Sally is an internal training course specially designed for the company. It is to improve managers’ management skills and accomplishment, promote the team execution ability, adjust and encourage morale and enhance communication so as to establish a team spirit for a common goal through actual military exercises with the combination of theories and practice. 2. Organize the participants for digital simulated land confrontation training. Teamwork strategic training course is applied. The performance would be evaluated by analyzing strategic application, teamwork and casualty.


  The training is designed to enhance staff’s work vitality and corporate core competence. Let the participants often under great work and study pressure, easy tired and not feeling well know their health condition in various aspects such as speed, agility, balance, compatibility and stamina, and meanwhile learn some health knowledge from the course.