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Oriental Land -- Shanghai Teenagers Extra-curricular Activities Campsite is located in the southwest of Qingpu District, Shanghai. Covering an area of 5600mu (373 hectares), it was invested with 1.26 billion Yuan. Combining quality-oriented education, team activity, international study and sight seeing, Oriental Land has become the symbol of the culture, civilization and vigor of Shanghai metropolis.
There are programs like Quality Test, Adventure in the Bamboos, Bridge World, Brave's Road, Children's Challenge Land, Open Country Camp, Survival Challenge, Treasure Hunt, Amphicar, T3D Shooting, 4D Movies, etc. All these activities are featured by education, wildness, and challenge.
There are 32 Students' Apartment Buildings in the Global Village, capable of holding 3000 campers, Chinese restaurants for 1500 people and bathrooms for 1000 people, and dozens of classrooms for training. There are also post office, super markets, infirmaries, telecom halls, and other infrastructures.
The top organization management and advanced hardware in the camp offered excellent supporting services. We can design your activities, offer different standards of accommodations and activity tutorships; we can also handle transportation, sight seeing, accident insurance and other businesses.

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