Oriental Land has an Oriental Land Theater of 4000 square meters, a big lawn of 170,000 square meters, so it is suitable to enterprises of less than 3000 persons to hold its Annual Partys of various activities. Over 30 categories of outdoor activities like outward-bound games, Fitness Test, water sports, military games are available in our big garden of 5,600 acres. Oasis Garden can meet Annual Partys' need of holding various activities. Our superb conference services and series of special delicacies have won praises from Vanke Real Estate, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson and other famous enterprises.
Suitable to a group of 500 to 2,000





Handling procedures for park entry


14:30 to


Oriental Land Happy Competition World

Appreciation: National Defense Park , Simulated Aircraft Carrier, Military Arms Exhibition Hall, Wisdom Street , Parks, etc.


Entertainment: Amphibious Vehicle, Dynamic 3D Movies, Fly Kites, Water Zorbing, Dianshan Yacht, Fitness Test (Competing Against Time), Tandem Bicycle, Sightseeing Bus, Motorboat.


Competition: (Oasis organizing, ten items altogether), Laser Simulated Shooting, Rock Climbing, Brave Break-in, Dangerous Dangerous Bridge Crossing, Dragon Boat Racing, Orienteering, Passage of Courtesy, Fitness Test (Arduous Trip over Land and Water)



Oriental Land Theater Banquet: Table Dinner, RMB 1,500 /table(beverage is charged separately)
Buffet Dinner: RMB 148/person



Oriental Land Theater Enterprise Ceremony: Leaders' Summery, Reward precursors, Give awards to Winning teams and individuals of “Oasis Competition World ”, Art Performance, Interactive Games, etc.