• Name: Military Sally (Special Course)
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Course Description
1.Military Sally is an internal training course specially designed for the company. It is to improve managers' management skills and accomplishment, promote the team execution ability, adjust and encourage morale and enhance communication so as to establish a team spirit for a common goal through actual military exercises with the combination of theories and practice.
2. Organize the participants for digital simulated land confrontation training. Teamwork strategic training course is applied. The performance would be evaluated by analyzing strategic application, teamwork and casualty.
Training Concept
1. Anneal participants' will, train their spirit of challenging, reinforce the discipline of immediate obedience of order and test the team's decision making ability and execution capability through actual military experience of battlefield commanding, resource allocation, strategic application and move.
2. Enhance the communication among participants, strengthen the team cohesion, and upgrade the team's teamwork. Inform them of the winning secret---teamwork and encourage them to apply it to accomplish a task that cannot be completed by fighting alone.
Implementing Blueprint
Phase I (Preparation) : Get a general idea of the basics in the course and digital simulated land confrontation rules .
Several teams with clear work division to lay the foundation for teamwork
35 minutes
1. Introduce the Coach
2. Collective Class
3. Rule Explanation
4. Safety Education
1. Familiarize the participants with training coaches so as to bring them into the active mode.
2. Get a general knowledge of the use of each weapon and then team up.
3. Aware of the rules and assure the training is under the premise of safety.
4. Assure the training is under the premise of safety.
Phase II (Actual Combat experience):
Experience the land confrontation and achieve the training indexes set earlier
55 minutes
1. Pre-combat Training
2. Actual Combat Practice
1. Master the strategic moves and fighting order through training
2. Know the combating purpose and try out teamwork.
3. Reinforce the idea of teamwork through actual confrontation and cultivate the spirit of fearless marching onward.
Phase III (Exchange and sharing): Get to know the importance of trust and enhance the team’s centripetal force, cohesion and fighting ability through sharing
30 minutes
1. Casualty Statistics
2. Exchange Combat Skill
3. Summarize and Share
1. Review the combating course and connect it with daily work. Think in-between.
2. Summarize the good points and loopholes of individual and team performance, connect their thinking with the actual work and achieve a step-forward all together.
Points for Attention:
1.       In the training, the participants should follow the instruction of coach. The equipment shall be allocated by the coaches.
2.       Keep an close eye on those who are not fit for the training
3.       No play with weapons and equipment, illegally hiding ammunition
Cost: RMB 10000 /course with a team of less than 100 members, the exceeding ones will be charged RMB