Oriental Land is situated in Qingpu District of Shanghai, lying on the south-east side of Dianshan Lake. It covers an area of 5600 Chinese acres including 2000 Chinese acres of water surface. It holds 170000 square meters evergreen lawn, 110000 big trees and over 500 different kinds of flowers and plants. As it has broad atmospheric construction communities and complete funtional facilities, it fully meets the needs of educational practice, international studies, leisure vacation, sightseeing, out-door sporting and team-work training. With a lot of attractions such as Wisdom Avenue, an Emulational Aircraft Carrier, Lakeside Square, Fishman Dock, Knowledge-seeking Island, Moon Bay and Global Village, as well as more than 30 interesting items like rock-climbing, fun bridges, camp BBQ, aquatic sports, out-bound development training, physical experience test, Oriental Land has been the most attractive teenagers' extra-curricular activities camp in China, a newly-risen ecology leisure travelling scenic spot, Shanghai interational sutdy tourism center, Shanghai Experiential Out-bound Development Training Center, Shanghai National Defence Education Center, National Base of Enviromental Protection & Popular Science. In 2007, Oriental Land was titled the National AAAA Top Grade Tourism Region.